Pointless Perfection

Pointless Perfection is to know” When to Stop”. When to stop, and put the product out whether it be a piece of software, a product line you’re putting out, an article you’re writing, a video vlog which are doing, it comes the point where you have to just cut it off.

A good advice would be “at some point you just gotta let it go.” You know you could keep tweaking and tweaking and tweaking and tweaking and it could go on forever. So at some point you just going to accept where it is and let it go, because a lot of times your perceptions about whether something is just right or not is very emotional you could change from day to day hour to hour. So you got to use the good enough principle meaning you got to take the product to the point where it’s just good enough it looks pro as sharp it gets the job done and just get it out just get it out into the marketplace.

Because you’ll find a lot of times that what you perceive as being great and so forth may not be perceived as being great by the general public and or things that you thought weren’t so great a lot of people think are great. I can think of many examples in music where the artists thought that this song would be the hit and turn out to be this song it was the hit and in fact I’ve heard more than one very big big artist big musician say some of hating rather some of their most popular songs literally I hate that song with it how so well so you never don’t so you just got to get it to a two level of professionalism if you will if you’re writing software a building website you’re designing design labels you just got to get it out there so it’s pretty good it’s at a professional level if you will and let just let the chips fall. Let the market decide whether or not it is really good.

The last point is that even if you have the perfect label the perfect looking website, it doesn’t really guarantee whether or not your product or your service will sell. The website and lay bow and the imagery and the message and all this kind of stuff helps and can drive it but at the end of the day the product is not good or the market is not ready for the product no matter how much average put into marketing or tweaking on the Web UI, on the marketing message or the videos it isn’t it out at the end of the day the product has to appeal to the audience.

From a programmers point of view you can think of that, these days computers are so powerful, programming languages and API’s and frameworks are so refining these days relative to just 10 years ago that all these elements combine the need for code optimization for ninety-nine percent of applications is not really better because things are just so fast so even if you have sloppy code it will probably run pretty good you know it will probably run pretty good. That doesn’t mean write sloppy code, but don’t get obsessed by it. Because you can always go back to your code if the app starts growing and if you get lucky and your app starts really growing and you’re starting to see a performance hit you can always go back and refactor aspects of the code base that are slowing it down or you can just put more hardware on it etc.

So that’s it pointless perfection don’t get yourself caught up in it.

Lessons from Stefan Mischook’s Vlog


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Talent = 10,000 Hours + Luck

Have you hear the news: Talent does not exist, so says Malcolm Gladwell in “Outliers” so says Jeff cold in ” Talent is overrated” so says John Grisham in “The associate”. So here’s the story we’ve been told, when you’re just a wee little fetus loading around in your mummys uterus the hand of God comes in and pokes you then you’re talented but not everybody gets poked only a few people do. And the rest of us are forever trailing behind these pokies. Talent it’s just luck the draw. Now amazingly enough the hand of God thing not true. Turns out what we consider talent is actually Work.

I don’t just mean some work I mean a lot. 10,000 hours of deliberate practice that is three hours a day for 10 years . but once you’ve logged these 10,000 hours you are a genius. People I can’t help but feel that this is bad news before we could feel all right about not being successful because hey we’re not talented but now we’re just lazy . Afraid of a little hard work a lot of hard work. a shitload of hard work.

But here’s the kicker even if you do all that hard work become a genius you probably still won’t be successful because you don’t have the other essential ingredient. Luck. So if you aren’t born at the right time at the right place to the right parents of the right friends the right facial hair the most promising circumstances won’t present themselves and you will be one underachieving genius.

So to recap, help with the hand of God in with endless toil and dumb luck wait a minute we’ve come full circle back to luck which means we get our excuses back. I did my 10,000 hours oh yeah I’m just an unlucky guy.

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The 4 Steps to Getting an Idea

A popular question asked of successful creators is where do you get ideas.
Writer Neil Gaiman on where writers get their ideas said: “we don’t really know and we terrified the ideas will go away”

Ideas are mysterious and there’s a simple reason for this most of the time they’re produced by our subconscious minds so it’s our subconscious mind that does all the hard work and spits out the idea meanwhile your conscious mind never sees where the idea actually comes from.

In Kirby Ferguson video series everything is a remix he argue that the basic elements of creativity are copying, transforming and combining so everything that we see here read watch listen to experience taste all of these things get copied transformed and combined into new creations and new ideas. It’s our conscious mind that supplies the subconscious with the materials it needs. In other words the subconscious mind cooks the meal but the conscious mind buys all the groceries

So the objective is to create the circumstances from which your subconscious mind can spit out an idea. He has a method, he has used reliably for many many years it’s based on James Webb young’s short 1940 book a technique for producing ideas and he has adapted it a bit based on his own experiences and other techniques he has read about.

So here it is the four steps to getting an idea:

Step one create boundaries: The first thing you need to do is create boundaries within which you are going to explore otherwise you can get lost in the wilderness so you need to start with a question like I want to know about New York disco in the 1970s or whatever and you should be intensely interested in what lies within those boundaries this is a crucial stage because you can either give yourself too much direction or not enough direction when you’re struggling with an idea often it’s a boundary issue and you need to either tighten them or broaden them.

Step two consume everything you can within these boundaries, so watch movies talk to people read books listen to music try products taste foods in other words do your research learn everything you can within the area of interest you’ve chosen.

Step three digests the research or study the materials organize them arrange them into a narrative try to group things together create a map of what you’ve learned make sense of the material as best you can. The important thing here is to push yourself to the max you need to be fully saturated and filled to the brim do not leave this phase too early.

So what you’ve done with these first three steps is you’ve thrown a bunch of ingredients into a pot and by processing these materials as much as you’re capable you’ve started your subconscious mind to work on generating an idea. Now unknown to you it’s going to take over and keep working which leads us to the easiest part of the process.

Step four drop it. Yes move on take a vacation go hang out with family and friends take a wop clean the house do some gardening whatever then after a while your subconscious mind will complete its work and an idea will pop up or maybe multiple ideas will pop up so be ready to capture them have a notebook on hand at all times.

If an idea fails to come you probably got step one wrong your boundaries are either too broad or too narrow so adjust them and try again.

This technique will produce ideas but ideas aren’t the most important thing what’s most important is what you do with them.

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I do not let other people to thinking for me. I choose  my own thoughts and make my own decisions. I believe, I have the capacity to choose. I believe in good fortune, divine guidance, right action, and all the blessings of life.

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Collaboration kills creativity.

I love working alone. I hate group thinking. I am always by myself. I live in my head, there is a saying artist work best alone. I can’t blend with people.

“Work alone. You’re going to be best able to design revolutionary products and features if you’re working on your own. Not a committee. Not a team.”Susan Cain

“Artists work best alone. Work alone.” Steve Wozniak, iWoz

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How I design an artwork?

I always try to express my momentary feelings and perspective to my artboard. It changes moment by moment. I try to capture that particular feeling of a topic and express it using various graphic design tools, applying design principles and defining that feelings of that topic. Another words try to communicate my feelings or perspective through that visuals. Try to define my own path. Strive for finding multiple solutions to achieve. Strive for achieving an unique visual acuity that has never seen before. Finding something unique and different. I try to create new clichés, not adhere to those that were defined by generations passed. I strongly value my own judgment. When I am working I try not to over think the process. I just do it and try to generate various possible outcomes on a certain time frame (until I can not hold my attention on that topic). I once heard that great art is an unconscious creation. Then I decide suitable and best option among the possible outcomes.

Things that I create through this process is something I am very serious about and something I am proud of. I guess the artworks becomes more interesting as the days passes.

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I don’t see any promising technology or any inspiring technology in the future. What is the thing that people will get excited about in the next 5/10 years? To me, I am seeing the future is very dull.


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